Terms & Conditions

All vehicles are rented subject to the terms and conditions of Travel Africa Car Rent (Pty) Ltd and the signing of the Rental Agreement at the start of the Rental, which currently applies to Namibia and neighbouring countries.


  • “Company” means Travel Africa Car Rent (Pty) Ltd.
    “Employee,” “Agent,” or “Representative” means all of the persons, natural or juristic, contracted by the company.
  • “Client” means all of the persons, natural or juristic, jointly and severally, who are responsible for paying for the vehicle rental and agreed-upon related charges and have authorised the driver(s) of the vehicle.
  • “Renter” means all of the persons, natural or juristic, jointly and severally, whose names appear on the vehicle rental Agreement and are the driver as being duly authorised by the company to drive the vehicle.
  • “Driver” means a person reflected in the Rental Agreement as being duly authorised by the company to drive the vehicle. “Additional driver/s” means such person/s who, in addition to the driver, is/are reflected on the rental Agreement as being duly authorised by the Renter to drive the vehicle.
  • “Services” means car rental, transfer services, travel driver, and any other service the company may introduce or omit occasionally.
  • “Ancillary Charges” means fees for services or equipment that are mandatory or optional in addition to the rate charges for car rental. “Full Bill Back” means the voucher or payment instruction issued by the client, thee travel agent, and the tour operator to settle the vehicle rental.
  • “Credit Card” means a payment medium presented at the company’s request as a hold deposit or security deposit to settle the rental and additional charges and damage.
  • “Accident Damage / Damage” concerning the vehicle and means all costs related to towing, transporting and storing the car, repairing or replacement of parts and accessories, mechanical damage, and fitted equipment which is required to re-instate the vehicle to its original state as at the start of the rental any damage (including tyre and rim damage), contracting a technical expert to inspect collision damage and report thereon, reimbursing the technical expert or any other charges incurred related to an incident of whatsoever nature, and includes a total loss when applicable.
  • “Rental” means the duration for which the vehicle was reserved, resulting in the issuing of a rental agreement in which the vehicle is on rent from the time of collection and return as per the reservation made.
  • “Rental Agreement” means the Agreement issued by the company to the client/renter and signed by the client/renter. This Agreement will be between the parties and include these standard terms and conditions.
  • “Rental period’ means the date from which the client/renter has reserved the vehicle to the date and time of return as specified per the reservation and the rental Agreement has been issued accordingly, or such period the rental is extended and the records of the company has been updated with.
  • “Rental Extension” means the rental extension beyond the agreed return date as per the rental Agreement issued and authorised by the company.
  • “Cancellation” means cancelling the reservation before the rental.
  • “Rental location” means the location from which the client/renter rents the vehicle, alternatively, such location as requested by the client, or where the car will be returned as arranged with the company.
  • “Vehicle” means the vehicle allocated for the rental Agreement, of which the make, model and registration number have been recorded and including all keys, tyres, tools, equipment, accessories and documents in the vehicle and all markings on the car when the vehicle is handed over to the client/renter and takes delivery of the car at the rental location and includes any / all liability for the vehicle which has been officially authorised by the company, whether or not such liability was authorised or approved by the client/renter.
  • “Liability” includes the conditions the rental Agreement reflects regarding the non-waiverable amount charged for damage, loss, theft, or negligence.
    “Total loss” concerning the vehicle means:
  • Accident damage where the estimated cost for repair is of such a nature and at the absolute discretion of the company where the car is beyond economical repair about the value of the vehicle or the damage to repair can result in the risk of life to future renters, or
    The occurrence of negligence or
  • When the vehicle is stolen and lost.
    “Waiver” means a reduction of the client’s liability in the event of damage, accident, theft, or loss of the vehicle. It shall include a Super Collision Damage Waiver, a Super Theft Loss Waiver, and a Tyre and Windscreen Waiver.


  • The company has absolute discretion to change the terms of this Agreement at any time.
  • By accepting the rental Agreement, you also agree to abide by and be bound by any changes we make under this Clause. In any event, your continued use of the Services after any changes to the terms of this Agreement have taken effect by the point above under this section will be deemed to be your acceptance of those changes to the terms of the rental Agreement.


  • You agree to promptly inform us of any breach by you of the terms of the rental Agreement and of any conduct of another driver that you think may violate the rental Agreement, whether the conduct has ceased, is continuing, or may occur in the future.
  • You agree that we may and will monitor your conduct if we believe that you are not complying with the terms of this Agreement. If we do, then we will respect your confidentiality unless:
    • Doing so would or could implicate us in criminal behaviour, a civil wrong, or any other claim by a person for which we may have to pay compensation;
    • The law compels, requires, or makes it prudent and desirable for us to divulge or disclose the information we hold or know or any documents we possess or
    • We consider it necessary or desirable to make disclosures to preserve or enforce our interests or rights.
    • If we believe, whether or not we have conducted any monitoring, that you are not, or maybe in danger of not, complying with any of the provisions of the rental Agreement, then we may send you a warning asking you to rectify your conduct (although we will not be obliged to do so).
      If you;
      • Are suspected of having, or are found by conviction, settlement insurance or escrow investigation or otherwise, to have engaged in any fraudulent or other criminal activity in connection with this rental Agreement
      • Have an overdue payment on your account with the company;
      • otherwise, breach the rental Agreement; we may, in our absolute discretion:
        • Withhold from you your use of any or all of the services offered by the company;
        • delete or remove, without incurring any liability to you, any or all of your information and block incoming and outgoing data or message transfers;
        • restore the services if and when you can demonstrate clear and complete adherence to the terms of the rental Agreement on a permanent and consistent basis and
        • terminate the rental Agreement that we have entered into with you, and cancel our obligations to provide the services if we are not satisfied that you will clearly and completely adhere to the terms of the rental Agreement on a permanent and consistent basis if the services are restored to you.


You represent and warrant to us;

  • If you are an individual that you are 18 (eighteen) years of age or over and of total legal capacity and thus capable of entering into the Rental Agreement and performing your obligations under the rental Agreement or
  • If you are a juristic entity:
    • that you are duly incorporated and have been issued with a certificate of commencement of business and have the power to own/sell property; and
    • entering into the rental Agreement does not violate your Constitution and
    • You have the power and have taken all corporate and other actions required to enter into the rental Agreement and to authorise entering into and performing your obligations under the rental Agreement.


The COMPANY fleet offers economy, 4×4’s, SUV’s and speciality vehicles. World-class marques are integral to the fleet mix, with vehicles always offering the latest safety features at competitive prices.

The company rents to the client or the Renter who hired the vehicle subject to the terms and conditions of the rental Agreement. The terms and conditions shall bind the client or the Renter, whether the client or the Renter was driving.


  • Car Rental
  • Transfer Service
  • Travel Driver Service


  • The fleet schedule details a model / similar per vehicle group.
  • The COMPANY reserves the right to change vehicle models per vehicle category with similar specifications without notice.
  • As our fleet is constantly being updated to meet the changing needs of our customers, vehicle groups and non-vehicle models can be confirmed at the time of reservation. However, we will accommodate specific requests based on availability.
  • The one-way fees are the same for all vehicle Groups and are listed per the ancillary charges schedule.
  • Reservations can be made via email to rez@travelafricacarrent.com


Vouchers and Rate

  • Operators are provided with nett rates.
  • The following information is required at the time of reservation and must reflect on the voucher presented at the time of vehicle collection;
    • Reservation number
    • Renter Name and age
    • Pick up rental location/date/time Drop Off rental location/date/time Vehicle Group.
    • Number of rental days
    • Voucher number

Rates and Ancillary Charges

  • The client/renter agrees with the company to the rates plus all ancillary charges that were opted for at the time of reservation confirmation for the rental.
  • The client/renter remains liable for all fines and company administration, including but not limited to speeding, parking, traffic, and other offences, that could have taken place during the rental and were incurred either by the Renter or additional driver(s), and indemnifies the company from any and all liability.
  • Deposits taken at the start of the Rental
  • A rental deposit is taken at the start of the rental to cover any additional charges incurred during the rental. As per the rental terms and conditions of the COMPANY, NO CASH DEPOSITS will be taken. The Renter needs to produce a recognised bank credit card. No debit cards are accepted.
  • Deposits for the super cover rate package are detailed on the ancillary charges per Country. Rental Agreement

The Rental Agreement

  • It will be presented and signed by an Employee of the company or its representative or appointed agent.
  • The Renter is to verify the correctness of reservation information entered on the rental Agreement.
  • The following information and documentation are to be presented by the Renter when the vehicle is handed over;
    • Prepaid Travel Voucher
    • Credit Card to Cover Additional Services / Liability
    • Home Address and Telephone Number
    • Passport and an International flight ticket in the instance of an international or regional traveller
    • Country ID Document in the instance of local or regional traveller
    • Local Contact Details
    • Valid unendorsed driver’s license
  • The following information to be presented by the additional driver;
    • Home Address and Telephone Number
    • Passport and an International flight ticket in the instance of an international or regional traveller
    • Country ID Document in the instance of local or regional traveller
    • Local Contact Details
    • Valid unendorsed driver’s license
  • The vehicle check sheet will be presented to the Renter to verify the vehicle’s condition. This check sheet requires the Renter to sign off and agree to its condition.
  • A rental deposit will be taken upon signing the Agreement unless an entire bill is presented.
  • The vehicle handover will occur per the reservation made and agreed upon with the company, where the Renter or additional driver takes possession of the keys at the rental location.
  • The vehicle’s return will occur as per the reservation made and agreed upon with the company, where either the company or representative has received the keys at the rental location.
  • The vehicle shall be deemed to have been handed over in good working condition with no cosmetic or mechanical damage unless this has been noted on the vehicle check sheet.
  • The Renter is to take cognisance of the applicable terms and conditions and sign acceptance without limitation, alteration, or waiver of any/all terms of the conditions to rent or use the vehicle.

During the Rental

  • The vehicle may only be driven by the drivers as nominated on the rental Agreement for the purpose intended and excludes the following;
    • Conveyance of people and goods for reward or in an illegal manner
    • Participate in any motorsports or similar high-risk activity
    • Travel in any area where the potential for risk exists or is present
  • The vehicle may not be driven by the driver(s) under the influence of alcohol or other substances or be intoxicated.
  • Only the nominated drivers may drive the vehicle during the rental period, failing which the waiver will become null and void in the case of any incident resulting in an accident or the car incurring any damage.
  • The Renter shall be responsible for the safety and security of the vehicle while in its possession, at all times, including ensuring that the car is locked and immobilised.
  • The vehicle remains the property of the company at all times.

Rental Period and Extensions of the Rental

  • Extending an existing rental has to be arranged 48 hours before the expiry of the current rental.
  • The daily rates are calculated strictly on a 24-hour cycle, starting from the pick-up time. The COMPANY allows a grace period of 59 (fifty-nine) minutes.
  • If the Renter extends their rental beyond the original return date, the COMPANY must be informed. Failure to notify the COMPANY may result in reporting the vehicle as stolen, and all waiver cover is negated.
  • Should the Renter extend their rental and the operator not produce an extension voucher, the COMPANY will bill the Renter for additional days at the extension rates.
  • Should the rental exceed 45 days, an additional rental agreement will apply for each period of 45 days. Other vouchers to cover the additional periods are required.
  • Should the Renter pay ancillary charges, the COMPANY will bill the operator. It is imperative that these details are communicated at the time of reservation and clearly displayed on the voucher.

When the vehicle is returned earlier than stipulated on the voucher

The voucher is valid only for the date value specified. If the vehicle is returned early, the company cannot refund any unused days. The total voucher value will apply and remain due.

Overdue Rental Administration Fee

Should the rental vehicle not be returned by the agreed date and no prior arrangements have been made to extend the rental, the COMPANY will collect the car, and an Overdue Rental Administration Fee will be levied.

Return Rental Procedure

  • The vehicle will be checked by either an employee of the COMPANY employee or a nominated representative who will be wearing a name badge of the COMPANY or present identification to the like.
  • Any damages will be checked against a damage report form. If the vehicle has any new damage, the Renter must complete a claim form with the assistance of a COMPANY employee.
  • The Renter must ensure the vehicle keys are given to the COMPANY, employee, or representative.


Fuel is for the Renter’s account. The vehicle is rented with a full fuel tank, and the Renter will pay for refuelling when the car is returned and was not refuelled at the time. Fuel is charged at the standard government legislation fuel tariff. The vehicle is refuelled regardless of whether the fuel gauge indicates that the car is complete, as vehicles refuelled at independent stations are not guaranteed to be filled.

Refuelling Fee

The COMPANY charges a refuelling fee if the vehicle is not returned with a full fuel tank. This is not applicable if the tank takes less than N$50.00 of fuel.

Payment of Rental

  • All outstanding charges, including but not limited to the rate and ancillary charges, must be settled either via Electronic Fund Transfer or credit card 15 days before the rental commences unless the client/ renter has a valid account with the company and settlement is due within seven days of the invoice issue date.
  • A 50% deposit for reservations made 30 days or more in advance will be required.
  • No set-off or withholding payment for any amounts due to the company will be entertained, and the client will remain liable for the balance until settled.
  • The credit card or debit card presented by the Renter and specified on the rental Agreement for payment of the rental or ancillary charges or any other charges, the client/renter’s signature of the rental Agreement will give the company authority to obtain authorisation and entitlement to payment.
  • If the wrong vehicle group was booked, either by the agent or client, the higher rental rate will apply when an upgrade is made.
  • The company may charge interest on overdue amounts at the applicable prescribed legal rate of 20% or a lesser amount as it deems appropriate.


Drivers Licenses

  • Only renters indicated as nominated drivers on the rental Agreement may drive the vehicle.
  • For security reasons, renters must produce a valid form of identification and a valid unendorsed driver’s licence at the time of rental. This will enable us to comply with the redirection of traffic violations. A customer with a suspended license will not be able to proceed with the rental, and our staff will gladly assist with alternative transport arrangements to minimise any inconvenience. An expired driving license will not be accepted.
  • International visitors are required to produce their passports when collecting the vehicle. Foreign Driving licences are acceptable, provided the language (printed thereon) is English, and a photograph is present. Should a licence be in any language other than English, we require an International Driving Licence to be produced and used at the commencement of the rental or the office of the consulate /embassy.

Additional Driver

An additional driver fee will be charged if a co-driver is added to the rental Agreement. All drivers must be listed on the rental agreement to ensure valid liability waiver coverage.

Young Driver Surcharge

The minimum age for drivers is 21. If the driver is between 18 and 20, a young driver surcharge will apply.

Driving in Namibia

General speed limit as governed by the local authorities in Namibia;

  • Town driving between 40km/h and 60km/h
  • Gravel roads 80km/h but 60km/h when driving with a 4 x 4 vehicle
  • Tarred roads between 80km/h and 120km/h

Tyres are to be deflated when driving on gravel roads or in soft sand to a minimum of 1.80 kPa for all four tyres. They are to be inflated to the original 2.4 kPa or as per the guide sticker on the vehicle manufacturer’s door.

All road sign markings are to be adhered to at all times.


All COMPANY vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking devices. The Renter will be contacted and notified if the speed limit is exceeded. After three transgressions, the Super Cover Waiver will become null and void, and the Renter will be held liable for all costs in the case of an accident or damages to the vehicle and all related costs.

The rental vehicle is fully insured except for negligence, such as speeding, drinking, driving, or night driving (before sunrise or after sunset).

In case of an accident, the standby number must be contacted immediately, and a report must be filed at the nearest police station. An Accident Administration Fee will be applicable, which will be recovered from the Renter. The same will apply when a tow-in service has to be arranged to recover the vehicle, and this fee will also be charged to the Renter’s account.


Even though the waiver was taken by the driver and the COMPANY, theft and accidents do occur. Prepaid packages for international renters include liability, peace of mind, and protection against financial loss. The COMPANY affords Waiver options (subject to certain conditions being met) in terms of costs of repairs, theft, etc., on all makes of vehicles in our fleet, and waiver options are included in the rate structure.

  • Various Waiver Options for Collision and Theft
  • In an accident where the vehicle is damaged or written off, the liability of the Renter is limited to the liability as set out in the rate sheets (under “Liability”), irrespective of fault or cause.
  • The liability of the Renter is dependent on the Super Cover Waiver option that was taken at the start of the rental. This is provided that the Renter has not breached the terms and conditions of the rental Agreement.
  • In the event of a breach, the Renter will then be liable for the total amount of damages to the vehicle or the total replacement value of the car in the event of an accident where the vehicle is damaged or written off.
  • In the event of theft, hijacking or loss of the vehicle and any accessories, the liability of the Renter is limited to the liability as set out in the rate sheets (under Liability”) irrespective of fault or cause.
  • The liability of the Renter is dependent on the Super Cover Waiver option that was taken at the start of the rental. This is provided that the Renter is not in breach of any rental agreement provision. Should the Renter decline to take waivers, the Renter will be liable for all damages suffered by the COMPANY resulting from theft, hijacking or loss of the vehicle and any accessories.
  • Windscreen Waiver (Combined Products)

Windscreen waivers are included in the super waiver. When waivers are accepted, the following will be covered:

Tyre Waiver

  • If additional tyres, rims, and hubcaps are damaged or lost, the client/renter will be liable for the full replacement and its costs.
  • The client/renter should contact the COMPANY, which will arrange with its supplier to replace the damaged or lost item. No repaired tyres will be accepted.
  • If a client requires assistance replacing a tyre in a remote location, a call-out fee and fuel will be charged to the Renter’s account.
  • The correct procedure to follow if a tyre is damaged is to contact the COMPANY to advise if we can assist with a tyre changeover. If the COMPANY cannot help, it will recommend a contracted tyre distributor closest to the client’s location.
  • The COMPANY will refund the client on presentation of the receipt for a tyre repair or replacement in the event that the Tyre Waiver option which is for 2 or more tyres which has been taken at the start of the rental. The COMPANY only covers the replacement of 1 (one) tyre.
  • The invoice should issued to the following:
    • Travel Africa Car Rent (Pty) Ltd, P O Box 2681, Windhoek 10005, Namibia
  • Please Note: The repair refers specifically to damage to the running surface of the tyre and excludes the side wall.

Windscreen Waiver: Windscreen ONLY

This waiver is only for Windscreens and excludes any other windows that are damaged. The COMPANY will replace them, and the full cost will be charged to the client’s credit card.

Water and Undercarriage Damage

The waivers do not cover water and undercarriage damage such as engine damage, electrical system malfunctioning, gearbox and other mechanical damages.

The Renter will be liable for the vehicle’s repair or replacement costs.

Sandblasting Damage

Sandblasting damage (dust and sandstorms) is not included in the rates. The Renter is liable for the vehicle’s complete repair to / replacement costs.

Note: Any damage caused to the vehicle by potholes, gravel roads or driving through water is excluded from all liability waivers, and the Renter shall be fully liable for any such damage caused to the vehicle.

Any Liability Waivers Will Be Considered Null And Void If:

  • Negligent, malicious or criminal actions of renter/passenger as detailed in the rental Agreement;
  • When the Renter or additional driver, as stated on the rental Agreement, does not drive the vehicle,
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance;
  • Tampering with odometer;
  • Failure to report an accident to the COMPANY personnel within 24 hours;
  • Crossing the border without acquiring a letter of authorisation from the COMPANY;
  • Have more than three transgression warnings from the vehicle tracking system;
  • In breach of the terms and conditions not limited to waivers;


  • Third-Party Motor Cover covers all the COMPANY vehicles registered in Namibia.
  • Note: Third-party claims may be invoiced up to three years after the Incident and may take up to five years to recover. If an excess is applicable, then this will be billed to the Renter irrespective of fault. This excess will only be refunded to the Renter if the COMPANY’s claim against the third party is successfully recovered and the COMPANY has received payment in our bank account.
  • TRAVEL AFRICA CAR RENT (PTY) LTD VEHICLE ASSIST – Namibia +264 81 294 1011
  • Information Related To Towing A Travel Africa Car Rent (Pty) Ltd Vehicle
  • Towing charges are excluded from all waivers. In the event of an accident, the towing charges are charged to the Renter’s account. However, should the vehicle require towing due to a mechanical breakdown, towing costs would be incurred by the COMPANY, except for customer abuse and negligence. A claim form needs to be completed.
  • Note: The Renter will contact the COMPANY, as only approved contractors may tow the vehicle.

Accident And Emergency Procedures

  • Secure emergency assistance: if the renter/occupants of the vehicle require medical attention, the COMPANY is to be contacted at +264 81 294 1011;
  • The accident must be reported to the COMPANY within 24 hours;
  • The accident must be reported to the nearest police station within 3 hours, and a copy of the filed report, together with a statement by the renter/driver or additional driver(s), to be handed in at the office of the company;
  • The Renter needs to take the details of any parties involved, such as ID/passport and registration, telephone number, as well as possible witnesses;
  • Not admit any liability or responsibility, release any party from liability, or agree to a settlement for any potential claim or damage against any party or on behalf of the company;
  • To co-operate with the company and the insurer with the investigation, in the instance of instituting a claim or action against the defence to prosecute or where additional affidavits might be requested, not limited to renter/driver and to include the additional driver(s);
  • The renter/driver, or additional driver(s), undertakes that all information shared or divulged will be complete, accurate and correct regarding the accident.


Cross-Border Entry / Exit

Vehicles may not be taken cross-border without prior arrangements and permission from the COMPANY. The company must issue a letter of authority. If this is not adhered to, all waivers become null and void, and the

Renter will be liable for all costs in the case of an accident or damages to the vehicle and all related costs.

Delivery And Collection

This charge applies to deliveries/collections within 25km of the rental office. Delivery and collections outside city limits (>25km) will be charged at the applicable fee plus a per-kilometre fee.

  • Office hours: Monday to Friday 08h00 to 16h30.
  • Weekend hours : 08h00 to 10h00 or by appointment
  • After hours: Outside of the times set for working hours, weekends and public holidays.

One-Way Rental Charges

A one-way fee is charged when a customer collects the vehicle from one of the COMPANY’s locations and returns the car to a location over 50km from the rental location.


Contract Fee

This document fee is applicable per the rental Agreement, as Travel Africa Car Rent (Pty) Ltd is legally required to store documents for five years. The cost is for administrating, storing, and retrieving rental contracts.

Traffic Fine Handling Fee

When an acceptable traffic notification is received, the COMPANY must provide the various Traffic Authorities with the relevant information about the driver. The information is obtained from our system according to the date and time of the infringement. Upon receipt of this data, the traffic authority transfers the fine to the applicable Renter. Should an additional driver have been driving, the Renter must complete an affidavit to have the fine removed from their name and re-issued in the additional driver’s name.

Claim Administration Handling Fee

The liability amount from the waivers contributes toward the vehicle’s repair costs. An administration fee covers the costs of processing the claim, including items such as quote gathering and legal services.

Assessor’s Fee

An independent assessor appraises all damage sustained over N$5,000.00. The evaluation has a cost element but assures the customer and insurer that the damage costing is legitimate and consistent with acceptable industry standards.

Lost / Stolen keys

Our waivers do not cover lost or stolen keys. The client will be charged a call-out fee for the vehicle location, the total replacement cost of the keys, and the lock change. Should the situation arise, contact the closest office of the COMPANY branch. Should the vehicle require towing to the nearest COMPANY location, the customer will be charged the towing fees.


If a vehicle is returned excessively dirty, the car will go through a valet process, and a minimum charge will be billed directly to the client’s credit card.


Cancellation and No Show Fee

The following cancellation fees will apply where a reservation is cancelled, in either instance a deposit has been paid, or the reservations was confirmed by the agent;

  • 31 – 45 days before arrival, 15 % of the rental will be charged as a cancellation fee
  • 22 – 30 days before arrival, 25 % of the rental will be charged as a cancellation fee
  • 15 – 21 days before arrival, 50 % of the rental will be charged as a cancellation fee
  • 08 – 14 days before arrival, 75 % of the rental will be charged as a cancellation fee
  • 01 – 07 days before arrival, 90 % of the rental will be charged as a cancellation fee
  • No Show 100 % of the rental will be charged as a cancellation fee
  • Online reservations will be an extra 10% cancellation fee

The booking agent will be charged accordingly for these charges.

No Show Fee

Should the Renter not pick up the vehicle within 3 hours, the full rental charge based on the daily rental charge of the vehicle reserved will apply. These charges will be levied on the tour operator.

Cancellation and Termination

  • The company may terminate the rental Agreement, notwithstanding anything contrary to the terms and conditions, at any time without any explanation by notice when the vehicle rented is used illegally, either verbally or in writing, subject to the circumstances, to the client. After that, the client/renter shall return the vehicle to the company immediately.
  • The detection and awareness of a defect in or mechanical malfunction with the vehicle, irrespective of whether such loss or damage results in a breach of the terms and conditions or Agreement, whether negligent or otherwise, which could result in a loss by the client/renter, additional driver(s), passengers, or third party.
  • Failing the forthwith return of the vehicle, the company will be entitled to take possession of it at any time, irrespective of its location or who the renter is.
  • Any waivers will be null and void if the company institutes termination and the client/renter breaches the terms and conditions of the rental Agreement.
  • The client/renter’s liability under the rental Agreement and conditions will remain in force and effective until the vehicle is in the company’s possession and the client/renter has fulfilled its obligations under the rental Agreement.
  • The client/renter will be liable to pay for all costs incurred to recover the vehicle, including any damage to the vehicle, fitted equipment, and loss of the car.
  • Block bookings are accepted subject to the discretion of the COMPANY.

Relocation Costs

Suppose a specific vehicle has to be relocated to a region approved by the operator for a reservation, and the booking is either cancelled or a no-show. In that case, the operator will be liable for the relocation and total rental costs.


  • E-billing allows customers to receive invoices and statements with the same look and feel as the original document.


Maps And Driving Directions

National and regionalised maps plus driving directions to most major hotels are given to the Renter free of charge.


GPS units are available in Namibia for a daily charge. GPS rentals can also be arranged with vehicle deliveries and collections, provided prior arrangements have been made.

Car Seats For Children

Car seats, as detailed, are available to rent. Please specify which type is required at the time of rental. A charge per rental applies, and the child/baby seat must be reserved in advance.

Infant seat – 0-6 months, Baby seat – 3 months – 3 years, Booster seat – 3 years +

Jerry Cans

Jerry cans can be reserved at a daily charge and are available in Namibia. Maximum of 3 cans per vehicle. A refundable deposit per can will be taken.

2nd Spare tyre

2nd spare tyres can be requested at the time of reservation for vehicle groups D, E and F ONLY, subject to availability, at a daily charge.

2nd spare tyres for Group K must be requested before rental. If not, it is not guaranteed.


  • Notwithstanding, and in addition to any other provision in this Agreement, you agree to release from and indemnify each Indemnified Party against any claims, losses, liabilities, suits, demands, proceedings, costs or expenses (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) directly or indirectly related to, or, arising out of:
    • Your use of the service;
    • Any loss or damage of personal property left in the vehicle subsequently to the rental, or whilst in the car the rental or lost or damaged during the cause of an accident, whether indirectly or directly, without limitation, not limited just the renter/driver, additional driver(s) or passengers; or
    • The company will oversee the detection and awareness of a defect in or mechanical malfunction with the vehicle, irrespective of whether such loss or damage results in a breach of the terms and conditions or Agreement, whether negligent or otherwise, which could result in a loss by the client/renter, additional driver(s), passengers, or third party.
  • The company, its directors, employees, officers, representatives, and agents are indemnified by the client, renter/driver, additional driver(s), passengers, estates, and successors against any claim arising from any damage or loss, irrespective of the nature of such damage or claim that might be instituted against the company, subsequently to the rental of the vehicle.


All of the persons, natural or juristic, such as the client, the Renter, and signatures that appear on the rental

Agreement for the vehicle, as per the dates entered on the Agreement, shall be liable, severally and jointly, for payment of all amounts due to the company in terms of the rental Agreement.


The rental Agreement and terms and conditions constitute the entire Agreement between you and the company.

Unless the context indicates otherwise, the rental Agreement incorporates all other contracts between the parties. Should there be any conflict between any other agreement and this Agreement, the provisions of this Agreement shall prevail.


  • This privacy statement discloses the privacy practices of the travelafricacarrent.com site.
  • We have agreed to notify you:
    • What personally identifiable information of yours or third-party personal identification is collected from you via this Site;
    • The company collecting the information;
    • How the information is used;
    • With whom the information may be shared;
    • What choices are available to you regarding the collection, use and distribution of the information;
    • The kind of security procedures that are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of the information under our control;
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The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the High Court of Namibia and the Magistrate’s Court or the Regional Court, irrespective of whether the amount we claimed exceeds the applicable monetary limit allowed to institute a claim in the Magistrate’s Court or Regional Court.


You choose your domicilium citandi et executandi (“domicilium”) to give any Notice serving any legal process and for any other purpose arising from the rental Agreement at your addresses, email and telefax numbers as set out in the rental Agreement.

Any Notice to be served by either party to the other must be in writing and will be sent by hand delivery, post or facsimile, or email to the relevant party as per the rental Agreement at its respective address as specified on the rental Agreement for vehicle rental, in the case of the COMPANY, at the address as mentioned above and in the case of mail will be deemed to have been served 3 (three) business days after posting.

A facsimile will be deemed to have been served upon receipt of a successful transmission notice, and an email will be deemed to have been served if no return email stating that the email cannot be delivered is received.

If a Notice is served by hand and proof thereof is made available, the notice will then be deemed delivered on the actual date and time of delivery.

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